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Brought to you by the DevOps Enterprise Forum 

Brought to you by the DevOps Enterprise Forum 

What is the DevOps Enterprise Forum?

Every year, more than 50 technology leaders and thinkers gather for three days in Portland, Oregon to create written guidance on the best-known methods for overcoming the top obstacles in the DevOps Enterprise community.  

Our goal is to generate content in the form of white papers, articles, or other resources in time to share with the technology community during the upcoming DevOps Enterprise Summit.

DevOps Resources

Expanding Pockets of Greatness

Spreading DevOps Horizontally in Your Organization

The Cornerstone for Winning

How to Get Strategic Alignment

Continual Learning

Building a DevOps-Inspired Career Track

Value Stream Architecture

Creating an Architecture to Connect the Dots in DevOps 

Individual Contributors

From Holdouts to Holdups 

Thinking Environments

Evaluating Organizational Models for DevOps to Accelerate Business and Empower Workers 

Tactics for Leading Change

Evaluating What DevOps Patterns and Practices Would Work Best for Your Enterprise

DevOps Case Studies 

The Journey to Positive Business Outcomes 

Tactics for Implementing Test Automation for Legacy Code

Addressing Culture and Leadership Aspects During Transformation

An Unlikely Union: DevOps and Audit

Information security and compliance practices 

Mythbusting DevOps in the Enterprise

Addressing Culture and Leadership Aspects During Transformation

Measure Efficiency, Effectiveness, and Culture to Optimize DevOps Transformation

Metrics For DevOps Initiatives

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