John Cutler

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6 Key Principles for Becoming More Product-led (Amplitude)

John Cutler, Amplitude, Product Evangelist

"Projects to Products" is a popular refrain in the DevOps community. But many companies are missing the essence of projects to products and being product-led. It goes beyond hiring swarms of product owners, referring to your internal partners as "customers", and calling everything/anything a product. In this talk we will explore what it means to be product-led (hint, it doesn't mean being product manager led, and you don't need to sell software products). We will discuss some key shifts that are influencing how teams approach product building, as well as some helpful mental models for thinking about the role of technology/design in achieving sustainable business and customer outcomes.

Key topic areas will include:

  • The essence of being product-led
  • The shift to “real” customers vs. internal customers
  • From funnels to engagement ladders and lifetime value
  • Features and products as temporary solutions to persistent needs
  • Breaking out of short-termism. Sustainable product-led growth
  • Learning as fast as you ship
  • Embracing the Mess

I'm looking forward to my third DOES event, and interacting with the community in real-time during my talk.