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The Flow Doctor Will See You Now (Tasktop)

Nicole Bryan, Tasktop, Chief Product Officer
Katherine Chajke, TIAA, Lead Agile Trainer
Carmen DeArdo, Tasktop, Principal Flow Advisor


Every large organization needs a Flow Practice to improve the rate of business value delivery through your product value streams, and to implement many of the great ideas that have inspired you throughout this conference.  

During this session, you'll learn how two experiences flow doctors identify and remedy three common maladies seen as part of a Flow Practice on the journey of value stream management in software delivery.

  • Common Ailment: “Ever Increasing Treadmill-itis” - having too much work in progress “WIP” has way more negative impact on your flow that many realize and yet it is one of the most common recurring ailments seen.
  • Chronic Condition: “If I Just Stop Looking, Is it Gone Syndrome” - addressing delays and bottlenecks is never easy, but ignoring them is even worse.
  • Fatal Disease: “Death by 1000 Debts and Risks” - lack of visibility into debt and risk flow items is guaranteed to plague your organization in ways that can be irrecoverable if not properly addressed.

In addition, you’ll hear the flow doctors discuss the reality of referred pain (when business results are not tied to flow improvements), how to recognize patterns of areas of concern and how to determine hotspots in your flow. Join this session to learn from two experienced Flow Doctors how you, as a Flow Doctor, can gain the support of your executives and business partners, while guiding teams on a successful journey of value stream management.

This session presented by Tasktop.