DevOps Enterprise Summit
Las Vegas- Virtual
October 13-15, 2020

October 13-15 (PDT)

Welcome to DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas - Virtual!

Our goal is to make it one of the best programs we've ever done, using the virtual format to achieve things that cannot be done in a physical conference. This page contains all pertinent sponsorship information, deadlines and deliverables that will help to ensure that you successfully engage and interact with our unique DevOps Enterprise Summit audience.

We appreciate your partnership and look forward to working with you!


September 11 50% off discount codes are active

September 16 Virtual booth design & deliverables due

September 25 Recorded session due (VBFF only)
October 5 Join Slack (click to join)
October 5 Complete virtual booth chat demo

Conference schedule (click here)

Visit the conference homepage (click here)

For any questions please feel free to reach out to Molly Coyne, [email protected] and Ashley Bernel, [email protected]



Scheduled breaks & networking times  *subject to change

Morning break: 10:55-11:25am PDT
Lunch: 12:25-1:25pm PDT
Networking time: 2:35- 3:35pm PDT
Afternoon break: 3:35-4:05pm PDT

Morning break: 10:35-11:05am PDT
Lunch:  12:35-1:35pm PDT
Networking time: 2:45- 3:45pm PDT
Afternoon break: 3:45- 4:15pm PDT

Morning break: 10:40-11:10am PDT
Lunch: 12:40-1:40pm PDT
Networking time: 2:50-3:50pm PDT
Afternoon break: 3:50-4:20pm PDT


Our recommended hours for having your staff available to talk to attendees: 10:35am-4:05pm PDT, during breaks, breakout sessions and networking time.



At DOES London - Virtual, sponsors who planned in advance and promoted heavily amongst their followers through social media, Slack, booth branding and video platform events, experienced heavy booth traffic and delegate engagement. Scheduled activities such as round table discussions, demos, lead team interviews, author AMAs, booth hosted raffles mentioned on social media feeds or via Slack, were some of the ways sponsor’s encouraged delegates to engage and participate.


Once checked in to the conference, delegates will seamlessly navigate to your booth by visiting the ‘Expo Hall’ tab found in the main navigation of the site. From there, delegates will click into your company's listing to enter your booth.


Your booth page will have its own unique URL. We encourage you to share your URL with attendees through email, Slack, social media, etc. to drive traffic to your booth.


Here you can find the 3 documents listed below to help you design your booth.

Wireframe & In-design Mock-ups

Booth Layout provided for inspiration and guidance.

Graphics Specs Sheet 

Adobe Photoshop File (.psd) 

Design and submit your graphic assets.

There will be a two-step submission process to complete your booth build. First, the graphic elements within the booth which entice attendees to click for further content and second, the content which will be displayed within a pop-up window once the user clicks.

Booth Structure/Graphics Elements

We have built your booth such that all graphics and their placement within the existing booth structures are customizable. In the layout wireframe provided, we have made suggestions on where to place your graphics related to benefits such as prize drawings, demos, collateral giveaways, Slack info, etc. but ultimately it is up to you to decide what placement within the existing structure best suits your brand.

Please keep in mind, the actual structures within your booth i.e. banners, tv monitor, collateral stand, etc. cannot be moved or altered.

Graphic design for your booth will likely require assistance from your marketing and creative teams. The Adobe Photoshop (.psd) file provided has a pre-made layout of which you can directly design and embed your desired graphics. Graphics within your booth should be creatively designed, using enticing language and CTA buttons, to encourage attendees to click and view the pop-up windows with further content. The content for your pop-up windows will be submitted via the google form provided below.

Once you have designed your booth graphics using the photoshop template, please send it back to Ashley Bernel in .PSD format labeled DOES20_LV_SponsorName.psd by September 16.

Pop-up Window Content

Each graphic element found in your booth will link to a pop-up window with further content related to the graphic. Pop-up windows can contain copy, links, photos, videos, etc. and will be framed in your brand colors. The content for your pop-up windows will be submitted via the google form provided below. Pop-up windows will be built by the IT Revolution team using the assets submitted in the google form.

Booth Design Files


The following deliverables are due via Google form to Ashley Bernel by September 16.

Booth Design: Pop-up Window Content

Brand Color: HEX # you would like used within your pop-up window.


  1. Company Name
  2. Logo: EPS/.AI/.SVG (disregard if previously sent for website)
  3. Company Description: 1-2 paragraphs
  4. Tagline: 5 word limit.
  5. Website
  6. General company email: typically an [email protected] or [email protected]
  7. Social Media Links: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube
  8. Sticker Graphic for our 'Sticker Off' game


You may provide a marketing video and/or pre-recorded demo. Additionally, if you choose to host live demos, please provide a demo schedule and appropriate Zoom links to join.

  1. Youtube link to marketing video and/or pre-recorded demo 


  1. Live demo schedule with Zoom links to join


Up to 5 representatives from your organization who will be available via IM or video chat. 

  1. Booth Host Name, Title & Slack Handle 
  2. Booth Host Headshot(s) (90x90, jpg/png, black and white preferred)
  3. Link to Booth Host Bio(s)


Expand on what you can help attendees with, such as areas of interest, areas of struggle, etc. 

Interest/Help Topics ex. 'Need help setting up automated testing?' (limit 3 in pop-up window) 


Offer a raffle drawing or game from your booth to collect leads.

  1. Prize Image
  2. Participation info: Url link to enter raffle or play game (hosted by your company). Page should collect lead information and enter attendee in the raffle.
  3. Prize or Giveaway item description


  1. Happy Hour day selection - Virtual BFF: pick up to 2 days / Virtual Good Friend: pick 1 day
  2. Happy Hour link(s) (typically Zoom)
  3. Happy Hour incentives (games), AMA mention or other activities you would like to highlight to drive attendance.
  4. Slack channel name (xpo-YOUR-NAME-HERE’ or ‘xpo-YOUR-NAME-HERE-automated-testing)
  5. Slack tagline for the channel header


  1. Offer description and url link-to your premiere collateral offer ex) “Get exclusive access to our white paper where we discuss..."
  2. Offer image (optional)


  1. Up to (3) additional offer description(s) and url link-to your premiere collateral offer ex) “Get exclusive access to our white paper where we discuss..."
  2. Offer image (optional)


*Virtual BFF only, not available for Virtual Good Friend 

  1. Will you design your booth to feature your session information and speaker(s) detail? If so, the pop-up window will feature the session title, date and time as well as the speaker(s) name, title, company and headshot.
  2. Sponsored speaking sessions are due by 9/25
  3. For more information on your speaking session please visit the Speaker Portal.


Bringing value to our partners is of utmost importance to us. As such, IT Revolution has invested significantly in gamification prizes to drive delegates to sponsor booths and create fun and unique opportunities to engage with attendees.  As we finalize our plans around gamification, we will provide details.

In an effort to engage participants on every level, we encourage sponsors to participate throughout  all of the DOES programming and events for the full three days.
Keep your booth chat link staffed with knowledgeable and excited reps!

  • Attend Main stage sessions
  • Send representatives to attend networking events such as Birds of a Feather, Lean Coffee, Ask the Speaker, and Live chat during sessions
  • Unwind at our Happy Hours on nights 1 and 2 and get to know attendees in a more informal setting

*Must be a registered participant to attend

Finally, we encourage our sponsors to tap into the strong Slack community that we have so diligently curated. Engage, engage, engage on Slack! Throughout all three days, we will post questions for delegates to spark conversation, debate and solutions. We strongly encourage you to staff your booth and your Slack channel with your rock-star reps! Send in your engagement questions ahead of time and take advantage of all that our Slack community has to offer.



Virtual BFF Sponsors receive 30 full conference passes.  Virtual Good Friend Sponsors receive 15 full conference passes.

Complimentary Passes List

For your 30 Virtual BFF passes/ 15 Virtual Good Friend passes, you will have your team/invited guests use this direct sponsor registration path to register with your unique company code.  If you have not yet received your code please email [email protected]

Discount Codes

As a partner, your company will also receive a unique 50% off discount code valid for 100 attendees. These can be distributed to your customers, shared via social media, email, etc. This promotion will be available for you to start sharing once deliverables are submitted on September 11th.

Sample social media text:
Planning to attend the DevOps Enterprise Summit Las Vegas- Virtual, but still haven't registered? Come visit us virtually, October 13-15.  We're running a special 50% off promotion for the first <100 people> who use our special discount code- <Your Unique Code>  at checkout. Register here.

If you have any questions about codes, please contact Ashley at  [email protected]


We would love to help you market! Please provide something you’d like us to share through IT Revolution social media during the conference. (All submitted posts subject to IT Revolution approval)

Here you can find graphics/banners available for your use on social media.



Which virtual platform are you using?

Delegates will navigate through the conference on a custom built platform hosted on the IT Revolution site. We will leverage various plug-in features and networking applications to achieve a seamless conference interface for the delegates.

Similar to our in-person conference setting, Slack will be used for group communication and announcements

What will my booth look like?

Each sponsor will receive a dedicated booth page accessible to all attendees, at any time throughout the conference. Once checked in to the conference, delegates can easily navigate to your booth by visiting the ‘Expo Hall’ tab. We also encourage you to share your URL with attendees through email, Slack, social media, etc. to drive traffic to your booth: NAMEUsing the pre-made booth skin template we provide you (.PSD file), you, the sponsor, can design how your booth looks! Just like in-person events, you have control over the color-ways, graphics, typography, where certain deliverables live, etc.

We will provide you with a spec sheet listing out all the dimensions of each component of the skin template. Additionally, we will send out a mock-up demonstrating recommended placement for deliverable and design. However, feel free to showcase certain deliverables where you think they best fit your needs.

Please reach out if you need us to resend an example booth page.

You will have the ability to customize your booth page copy and button with one brand color. Content on your page will include the following should you choose to participate.

  • About Us
    • Logo
    •  Company Description
    • Social Media Links
  • Give away: Allows attendees to submit their email address in exchange for digital giveaway
  •  Static or video ad embed
  • Connect with Us features
    • Headshots of your booth staff
    • Link to your DOES Slack channel
    • Email address for delegates to contact you directly
  • Talk Details (Virtual BFF level only)
    • Speaker headshot
    • Session date, time, title and description
    • Link to the session page (should the delegate click on the link when the session is not live and page stating the date and time of the session will appear)
  • Raffle Game Entry for delegate
    • Delegate submits information to enter to win, hosted by sponsor. Sponsor to select and  send prizes directly to the recipients within one month after the event.

How will delegates visit my booth?

Once checked in to the conference, delegates will seamlessly navigate to your booth by visiting the ‘Expo Hall’ tab found in the main navigation of the site and clicking on the link to your company's booth. Your booth page will have its own unique URL. We encourage you to share your URL with attendees through email, Slack, social media, etc. to drive traffic to your booth: NAME

The Expo Hall tab will feature each sponsor's logo, a short tagline and a hook line about booth features should you choose.

Throughout the event, we will drive delegates to the Expo Hall leveraging main stage mentions and Slack chat using giveaways and gamification to motivate traffic.

IT Revolution is investing significantly in gamification prizes to drive delegates to the sponsors’ booths.

How can I interact with delegates?

Your page will feature a ‘Connect with Us’ section. This section will include headshots of your booth staff, a link to your DevOps Slack channel, a link to the video streaming platform of your choice and an email address for delegates to communicate with you directly.

Leverage your chat feature built into your booth page to interact and market.

  • Run Q&A sessions with team members/leadership from your organization
  • Offer raffles and giveaways
  • Run demos
  • Set up times for delegates to meet as a group or individually
  • Be open for drop-in times
  • Run games or other fun events to draw traffic
  • Other ideas? Feel free to run them by Molly or Ashley if other ideas arise.

Use Slack to your advantage!!

  • Post in the “Sponsor” Slack channel (or your own channel) about events or happenings in your booth.
  • We encourage sponsors to submit thought provoking and industry-relevant questions that will be posted in the main DOES Slack channel to solicit conversation for which you can participate and help move delegates to your booth. These questions are great entry points for sponsors to engage with delegates about the specific topic/questions related to your company.

In an effort to engage participants on every level, we encourage sponsors to participate throughout DOES programming and events.

  • Keep your booth chat link staffed with knowledgeable and excited reps!
  • Attend Main stage sessions
  • Send representatives to attend networking events such as Birds of a Feather, Lean Coffee, Ask the Speaker, and Live chat during sessions
  • Unwind at our Happy Hours on night 1 and 2 and get to know attendees in a more informal setting

Must be a registered participant to attend

How have past DOES Virtual sponsors staffed their booths?

At DOES London - Virtual, sponsors felt the below staffing covered all areas of engagement/interactions with attendees.

  • 1-2 people for the virtual booth/Zoom (someone who can run ad-hoc demos for attendees dropping in and asking questions)
  • 2 sales development and tech staff for engagement in the slack channels
  • 2 sales + 1 tech staff for the virtual Happy Hours that had specific tech themes
  • 2 staff to cover the generic Happy Hours
  • Senior staff members, like Directors of Product to lead AMAs and virtual Happy Hour discussions

How can I customize my Slack channel?

Your custom Slack channel name will appear in the DevOps Enterprise Summit channel list as shown in the image below.

Your channel name should include Company name and/or problem to solve. 75 character limit, THE SHORTER THE BETTER! e.g. ’xpo-YOUR-NAME-HERE’ or ‘xpo-YOUR-NAME-HERE-automated-testing’.

Provide an additional tagline for the channel header (optional)

Schedule a staff member to engage attendees on your channel

Optional tagline:

Your placement on the DevOps Enterprise Summit Channel list:

Will there be tech support during the event?

Yes, Ashley Bernel will be your contact to escalate technical issues with your booth page or Slack should they arise.

Virtual BFF level speakers will receive step by step instructions and technical requirements for their talk, a pre-event tech check and live green room support leading up to their talk should it be presented live.

How do the “Connections” work? (Virtual BFF only)

Molly will reach out to you in early October to get your 3-4 interest areas.

Molly will send you a list of your matching “connections” delegates approximately one week before the event, and the day before the event. We encourage you to  set up invite these participants to events,meetings or set up times to connect during the event. Feel free to choose the type of outreach that works best for your team.

  • Host a Happy Hour table with them.
  • Invite them to a session offered through your video chat function on your page.
  • Reach out to connect with them via Slack during the event.

Virtual BFF sponsors will receive the traditional lead information as well as “problems” the delegate is attempting to work through.

Will we have access to the final cut of our recorded talk? (Virtual BFF only)

Yes, a downloadable version of your sponsor talk will be made available to you for distribution in your channels as you desire. IT Revolution will also be distributing your talk in their own channels.


What is the Sponsor VendorDome?

The VendorDome allows attendees to evaluate varying solutions to problems or issues. Sponsors aka contenders will “battle” each other in areas of similar interest with a chosen topic of their choosing (i.e. Deployment Automation).

Interested contenders can ask other DOES Las Vegas Virtual sponsors to battle with them or IT Revolution can help pair sponsors interested in joining the VendorDome.

Contenders will pre-record a 10-minute presentation consisting of a demo, customer stories, panel discussion, etc. Presentations will be aired back to back followed by a live 25-40 minute Q&A session hosted by the moderator.

Contenders will choose an agreed upon moderator.

VendorDome sessions will be held during lunch.

What are Virtual Happy Hours?

Happy Hours are informal video chat gatherings hosted by sponsors and IT Revolution Authors. Delegates can also opt to join a no-host Happy Hour to connect with up to 6 other randomly selected delegates. Happy Hours provide a great time to connect with delegates in a more informal setting to further connection.

As a Happy Hour sponsor you will host a Zoom room. Delegates will be able to seamlessly move from one Happy Hour conversation to the next. You will be able to host up to 49 delegates at one time in your room but we advise admitting up to 10 at a time to keep the conversation productive.

To join Happy Hours, delegates will navigate to the ‘Connect’ tab in the main navigation. This page will feature the what, when, how and where to access all networking activities including Happy Hour gatherings. Happy Hour table links will also be posted in the happy hour Slack channel, sponsor booths and the agenda.

IT Revolution will market your Happy Hour(s) with mentions of giveaways, topics and your high profile participants in the #general Slack channel. Slack posts will include a direct link join your Zoom Happy Hour room.

Sponsors should market their Happy Hour(s) by word of mouth from their booth, through Slack mentions, email messages and social media blasts before and during the event. We encourage sponsors to offer giveaways during their Happy Hour and have high profile attendees from your company in attendance.

How does the IT Revolution eBook Give-away & Author AMA sponsorship work?

Sponsors will host an eBook giveaway on your main booth page and receive all lead information this give away procures. All eBooks offered will be from recently published IT Revolution authors. Once a delegate downloads the eBook, the sponsor of that eBook will receive their lead information.

Any branding in connection with that eBook sponsorship (on the conference platform, with the AMA, etc.) would feature the sponsor.

Participating authors will host an  "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session, sponsored by COMPANY NAME. The leads from these delegates that attend the AMA (in a Zoom room) will go to the sponsor of that eBook.


What is the attendee consent language you'll be using for this event?

Please see here for our privacy policy-

Every attendee must consent to this when registering.
**This consent is only extended to sponsors and is not be shared with anyone outside the sponsoring company**

If you wish to include your own language you can do so by mentioning it in your presentation or on your first slide.

At what point is the attendee consent captured?

The attendee consent will be captured at registration.

If you wish to include your own language you can do so by mentioning it in your presentation or on your first slide.


Which lead lists should I expect at the close of the event and what information will be given for each lead?

All sponsors will receive a list  of leads they acquired from their speaking sessions, booth visits, and other lead generation opportunities included in their agreement.

All Virtual BFF sponsors will receive a "connections" list with the contact information for all of the sponsors who match the sponsor's interest areas.

Lead lists will include each delegate’s name, title, company, work address, country and email address.

Where applicable, IT Revolution will deliver the leads in a password protected spreadsheet.

Sponsors please note, all leads generated by the digital giveaway or raffle option on your booth page, will be collected by your company (not IT Revolution) on your own site. The give away link on your booth page will route the delegate to the URL of your choice to collect lead information and execute your offer.

Are leads collected for all speaking sessions?

Leads are collected for all sponsored breakout sessions.

No leads are collected for our plenary sessions.


IT Revolution is proud to foster the DevOps Enterprise community, which includes technology leaders from large complex organizations, and the vendors that support them. In a previous post-conference survey, many conference attendees remarked about how relevant the conference sponsors were and the great interactions that resulted from their interactions.

Over the years, we’ve had several reported instances of unwanted interactions between sponsors and attendees.  We’ve worked with the programming committee to codify this Sponsor Code of Conduct, which has been adjusted for our current virtual format: 

During the Summit

  1. The sponsor’s main page is the main entry point for interactions between sponsors and attendees. Sponsors should limit their solicitation of business and promotion of their products or services to this area.
  2. Sponsors are invited to join the conference networking events and interact with attendees and speakers as peers. They should be respectful of attendees’ and speakers’ time and not solicit business or promote their products and services unless the attendee or speaker indicates interest.
  3. Sponsors must adhere to the event code of conduct for all attendees.
  4. If a sponsor violates this code of conduct, IT Revolution will first notify the primary sponsor point-of-contact, and if satisfactory measures are not taken, can take more significant action at our sole discretion.

On Slack

  1. All solicitation of business or any communication that can be reasonably interpreted as marketing or promotion of a sponsor’s products or services must be in the #sponsors channel or the sponsor’s individual channel.
  2. Sponsors should send a direct message to an attendee or speaker only if the attendee or speakers initiates or requests the communication.
  3. Sponsors should adhere to the Slack code of conduct for all attendees.
  4. If a member of the sponsor organization violates this code of conduct, IT Revolution will revoke that user’s account to the DevOps Enterprise Summit Slack workspace immediately and without notice.